Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So yeah its been forever since I have posted here but I suddenly felt the need to post again. I hate the world at the moment. One of my best friends looks have gotten dumped by a update on her face book status but yet she won't talk to me about it or answer when I call her. Only one of my true friends is actually talking to me at the moment. I got told by a random dude from craigslist that he felt no physical attraction. Even though he was the one who messaged me in the first place, hes a fat pig anyway. I just sent him my pictures in hopes hes was nice guy anyway. So I'm cyber stalking my ex D again cause I can't get him out of my mind as of late, and I wonder if hes just a lonely as I am at the moment. And he has been hanging out with my ex best friends alot as well which really grinds my gears. Also the two guys I have slept with and attempted a relationships with have stopped talking to me all together. God damn what do I have to do to find a decent man in this town. I'm also hating all the kids in my classes who don't come to class but yet still get higher grades on tests then me. Argh. My older sister and niece just visited, I'm so freaking jealous of her. Shes short fat and frumpy, yet she is married to the love of her life and has a child. GOD DAMN IT. Hope tomorrow is better.