Sunday, December 7, 2008

More stuff.

So big news in my life is that I finally finished my pink camo scarf yesterday. Very excited about that. First full knitting project I have finished since I knitted that scarf a few years back of D. Fall semester is coming to a close. Last fall semester as a undergrad. Which I'm really happy and sacred shit less about. This means in May I will be a college grad and have to be a grown up. I also have two more years of grad school to look forward too. I know it will be worth it once I have the masters. But I just feel like I have been in school forever and a day. Also depresses me a little that I will be 25 when I'm finally done with school. SO if I find the right guy now. Then I should be able to get married by the time I'm done with grad school. How sad is that. My graduation and my wedding are two things I look forward to in life the most right now. I guess I just want that fairy tale ending like everyone else.

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