Saturday, February 7, 2009

More supernatural baby with some romance.

So finished reading The Hallow by Nora Roberts yesterday. Book two of her sign of seven trilogy. I love Nora Roberts work cause she combines supernatural stuff with romance is great way. The series is about three men with the same birthday as youngsters released evil upon their home town. Ever seven years people in the town go crazy and basically all hell breaks loose. After surviving it twice before, three women are drawn to their town that will change their lives. Blood Brothers is the first book of the series so read that first. I'm excited to get my hands on Pagan Stone the last of the series. But as with my other books in series I'm trying to space it out to make it last longer.

Also read the first volume in the manga series Rosario and Vampire by Askihisa Ikeda. Very cute series so far. Its about this boy who can not get into any other high school and ends up at a school for monsters. In the first three pages of the book he meets a vampire. As well as many other magical beings. I have the secon volume I plan on reading tommarow or tonight. Very excited to read more in this series.

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