Friday, February 27, 2009

Knitting, comics and vampires...

Finished reading Unravel Me by Christie Ridgway. Book number 13 for me. Good easy entertaining read. Basically about a women who's husband passed away a year ago, and is is searching for something more in her life. Along the way she meets her two half sisters and the man of her dreams, Noah. Not as much knitting in it as I would like but still a good read. Started Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Loving it so far so excited for the movie to come out next week. Also finished reading voulme 3 and 4 of Rosario and Vampire, by Akihisa Ikeda. Love this magna its just the right combination of supernatural and magna work. So that makes a total of 14 books read so far this year.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All four read..

Finished Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyers a few days ago. Finally finished the Twilight Saga. The last book was very interesting to say the least. I liked how she wrote it in three sections fianlly with another characters point of view besides Bella. Don't get me wrong I love Bella but she drives me nutter some times. I love love this series. But yet I was kinda disappointed with the ending. I guess everyone saw it ending a different way so, it must have been hard to satisfy everyone.

Read the third volume of Rosario and Vampire by Askihisa Ikeda. Counting it as half a book, so until I read another manga then it will be a whole book.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Can't Fight the Eclipse

Finished reading Eclipse by Stephenie Meyers. Been a while since I have read in this saga. Forgot how addicting it is. Finished the 500+ book in less then four days. Gonna start Breaking Dawn tonight. I love these books so much. I want closure of the final book, but part of me wants it to never end. Like the Sookie Stackhouse novels you just get drawn into this world that you never want to end. If you have not read this series I highly suggest it, but be forewarned once you start this series its hard to stop till you have read them all.

Also got my book mark from my bookmark swap today. The cutest moggle book buddy created by danaew on Raverly. I love him and will use it for every book I read. : )

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bridal rippers with a twist

My mother has always refereed to romance novels bridal rippers. Makes me laugh and makes sense as well. Finished Touch of the Wolf by Susan Krinard. Its the story of a man who is the Earl of Geryburn and he is on a mission to keep his families werewolf line alive by finding suitable mates for himself and his siblings. A long lost cousin is found who is descended to marry his younger brother. Yet he falls in love with her, and in turn has to reveil his hurtful past to her. I enjoyed this book cause like Nora Roberts', Sign of Seven series. It combines the supernatural with romance. I thoughly enjoyed this book and plan to read the other books in the series.

As of right now I'm haveing the great debate about re-reading Twilight or reading Eclipse for the first time. Think I'm gonna read Eclipse and then Breaking Dawn this week since I'm off from school. So I will have the time to throughly enjoy them. : )

Saturday, February 7, 2009

More supernatural baby with some romance.

So finished reading The Hallow by Nora Roberts yesterday. Book two of her sign of seven trilogy. I love Nora Roberts work cause she combines supernatural stuff with romance is great way. The series is about three men with the same birthday as youngsters released evil upon their home town. Ever seven years people in the town go crazy and basically all hell breaks loose. After surviving it twice before, three women are drawn to their town that will change their lives. Blood Brothers is the first book of the series so read that first. I'm excited to get my hands on Pagan Stone the last of the series. But as with my other books in series I'm trying to space it out to make it last longer.

Also read the first volume in the manga series Rosario and Vampire by Askihisa Ikeda. Very cute series so far. Its about this boy who can not get into any other high school and ends up at a school for monsters. In the first three pages of the book he meets a vampire. As well as many other magical beings. I have the secon volume I plan on reading tommarow or tonight. Very excited to read more in this series.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Planet Janet

Finished reading Planet Janet by Dyan Sheldon late last night. My mom actually got me this form the dollar store a while ago. Its basically reading the diary of a sixteen year old girl in London. She talks about everything from her crazy family to her adventures in vegetarianism. Its very funny, made me laugh alot. Its very down to earth about what real families are like and how it is to be a teenager. Highly recommended if you looking for a quick read that you can relate to and that will make you laugh out loud.

Now I am haveing the great debate about weather to start The Hallow by Nora Roberts next or re-read Twilight. So many books so little time. : )