Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I run with Werewolves.

Finished Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris today. Loved this book so much. Don;t get me wrong I love Bill, Eric and all the other vampires. But shifters, werewolves to be exact are mt favorite supernatural being. In this book Sookie gets much more involved in the shifter and witches world. Which I enjoyed thoroughly this book, possibly more so then the other three of the series I have read. The Sookie Stackhouse novels are the perfect combo of funnt and supernatural. They will make you laugh, get tear eyes and sometimes go ew. Yet another highly recomended book. Although do start at the beginnging of the series, new comers.

In other news, started classes agian so swamped with school work as usally. Last semester as a undergraduate. Woot woot. Single again, recently broke it off with the guy I was seeing, since we wanted differnt things. Which is a shame cause I really thought he was the one. Oh well at least I have my knitting to keep me company.

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