Monday, January 21, 2008

American Gladiator

One of the best shows ever. Personally I think it was a very good move on NBCs part. Amist the writers strike. Bring back a show that they know people will watch, and no writers to depend on. Not to undermined the writers or anything. I believe what their striking about is the right thing to do. But I hope they come back soon. I miss my new CSI episodes.

Anywhoo watching average american Joes take on the gladiators really makes my day. I used to watch the original show in the eighty's. Thank fully the costumes have evolved over the years from the awful red white and blue to sliver and black mainly. Although less and less costume fabric seems to be involved. Seemingly the men have lost fabric and the women have gained it. Considering two of the men, TOA and MILITIA are wearing costumes equal too skirt and booty-shorts. MILITIA is rumored to be a porn star before AG, so may be its not such a big deal to him. So do I dare to ask if this is the idea of the creators to gear the show towards more women then men. Gotta wonder. Seems possible to me since one of the main reasons i watch football is to see fit men with tight buns run around in skin tight spandex.

HELGA is my favorite by far. Shes big and proud of it like me. I love it. Cause the original gladiators where fit but thin women basically running around in bras and panties. She wears a black uni-suit with a cute sliver skirt over it. I like the way she wears he hair in braided pigtails. As for the men TITAN has that very cave man sorta appeal to it. Large muscular thighs and large square jaw. Brings out the cave women in all of us. Well thats all for now. Cheers till later.

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