Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My little sister.

So yeah heres the first rant about my little sister. She is 18 years old and a college sophomore . She got to skip a a semester because she did so many AP credits in high school. So in theory shes a very bright person. Sometimes I wonder though. Like just yesterday she had problem with her college classes for this semester that started to day. So one of her classes was canceled due to lack of enrollment. So she went on a rant to her adviser about how the school was crap in not contacting her about it. Turns out she did not know the school provided her with a e-mail. I attend the same school and told her this. So basically she made herself look like a ass in front of the professor and adviser. Does is it make me a bad person to be happy about that?

You have to understand my little sister is the youngest and yet gets away with fucking everything. Like for example if she does not wanna call a place of business to get information, my mom will do it for her. They spend 600 dollars a month supporting her horses, who by they way they payed 10 thousand dollars for each. Also we own a truck and horse trailer just so she can take these horses to shows and spend more of their money. Let me also mention that we talk about horses all the time at my house. And if I god forbid I bring up or start obsessing about my turtle or something. I get told to get over it and ignored. Note I'm not saying I'm not spoiled, but god. I pay for my own cell phone, car, computer, pets and hobbies. Where she only pays for the gas that goes in her car.

Another thing that bothers me about her is her ability to do no school work and still get straight As. I bust my hump for the B's and sometimes Cs I get. My older sister is the same way. Thats another reason I feel so out of place sometimes with them. Did I also mention they are clones of each other. Both are 5'2" and have dark shoulder length hair. They also act the same, I think thats part of the reason they can't stand each other sometimes. Guess thats all for now. Cheers till later. Pinky.

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