Thursday, January 17, 2008

She works hard for the money

So I work in a special education office in the school district my father is superintendent of. I work there over the summer every year since I graduated from high school. So almost four years now. Recently over my winter break I have bin working there as well.

My job there is basically office grunt. I make copies, file stuff help out with summer school. One of the problems I run into is I do the work they assign me too fast. So basically I get alot of reading done. Like today for example I finished two book in the course of my 8-3 work day. Freakin sweet basically they pay me 8.50 and hour to read and do occasionally work. Lets me catch up on my Stephen King and Nora Roberts novels.

When I do do work its cruddy jobs. Like yesterday I stamped about 1500 envelopes with the office address stamps. And the week before that I made 750 copies of this 23 page double sided packet. So to end this crazy post, office work sucks and i'm so gald I will never work in one when i get older. Cheers till later, Pinky

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